Cupcakes made in Norfolk

Enjoy Norfolk all year around

Norfolk has become a popular destination amongst people all over the country who enjoy its natural beauty, its welcoming culture and delightful home-grown food. Norfolk can be a great place to have a weekend away, especially if you live in London. The journey is far enough to feel like you’re getting away from the city, and close enough for it to not be too much hassle to travel there and back in a weekend. Once you’ve arrived in Norfolk, you’ll discover countless things to do, no matter your interests, or what the size of your family. Even if you pay Norfolk a visit in the winter months, there will be no shortage of things for you and your family to see and do.

Boating on the Norfolk Broads

Cruise the tranquil Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk countryside is rather unique, as it is fairly flat. Although this does not limit all the natural beauty it has to offer. One of the county’s most distinctive features is the Norfolk Broads, which is perhaps the feature which places Norfolk on the map for the rest of the UK, as it boasts the title of the largest and finest wetland landscape in the country. The ‘Broads’ area is a tranquil vision of beauty, possessing vast wetlands, wide skies, picturesque church towers and windmills. One of the best ways to properly explore the broads is by boat, because all the wildlife and fishing spots which are available for you to discover would not be accessible by foot or car. Numerous boat companies in the area offer the opportunity for you to rent a boat for a couple of hours, a whole day, or even the entire weekend. These motor boats are appropriate for picnics, and if the weather permits, then it can be a really enjoyable day out for the whole family. Even if you choose to visit the broads during the quieter and cooler winter months, then renting a boat could be a cosy way to sightsee, and a place of your own to curl up on with a hot drink. If boats are not your ideal mode of transport , another way to enjoy the colder months in the county are in the many Norfolk cottages dotted all over the county. These cottages can be rented out for weeks at a time, and will give you the chance to enjoy your surroundings without the worry of having to rush back home due to cost issues for example. Half-terms, Christmas, summer and the Easter holidays are all periods when you could seek Norfolk as a peaceful getaway for you and your family.

A cheaper alternative to these cottages is renting a mobile home or static caravan from the various park home parks dotted around East Anglia. They are a stress-free way to enjoy some downtime without completely breaking the bank. They provide a very communal feel, and some can be rather state of the art in their design and quality. If you like what you see, they could even double-up as an investment for the future, and be a retirement home for later down the line. If you choose to buy a park home, you’ll have a guaranteed place to stay every time you feel like visiting Norfolk, which eliminates the hassle of having to check availability and book accommodation.

Norfolk Pork Pies

Norfolk Pork Pies at the Norfolk Food Festival

Another great aspect about Norfolk is the hustle and bustle of its biggest city, Norwich. Whatever what time of the year it is, the city is always putting on a festival or event which welcomes visitors of all age groups. For instance, this month is the Norfolk Food and Drink Festival, where ‘foodie events’ of all sorts will be held all over the county. The aim is to deliver an excellent food experience to celebrate the thriving food and drink industry in Norfolk. Other events of this kind take place throughout the year and include events like the Norwich Beer Festival, the Broads Outdoor Festival and Norfolk and Norwich Festival which brings world-class music to the area in Norfolk’s biggest arts and culture festival.

You don’t need sunshine to enjoy Norfolk, it is a getaway for all times of the year, whether it’s exploring the various natural spots, or throwing yourself into a live event in the city centre, you’ll never regret a trip away to this part of East Anglia.

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