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This agreement was last updated on October 2016.

Copyright Information

Copyright by Daniel Tink. All rights reserved. All digital photographs, graphics, logos, design, and textual content on Scenic Norfolk is the copyright of Daniel Tink, unless stated otherwise and is protected by United Kingdom and international copyright laws. You may not reproduce, distribute, modify or re-publish materials, text, photographs or any other content contained on this site without the prior written permission of Daniel Tink. All rights reserved.

Photographic licence

Licence costs for using a copyrighted photo are displayed on this webpage and may be subject to change at any given time without notice. You may only use the paid photographs as agreed during your initial enquiry, any photos found being used for other purposes outside the agreement will be charged based on the figures set at the bottom of this page. Prohibited usages include, reselling or sub-license of any photograph or posting of photographs on any personal or commercial website, social media website, smartphone application, printed materials or any other use without licence or permission from the photographer, Daniel Tink. Licences are non-exclusive and do not allow for transfer of copyright. All licences provide single use only. Web only licences will have an expiry date (usually 3 years) with a discounted optional renewal offered to you after your licence expires. By default a web only licence permits a single use on a website, unless agreed with Daniel otherwise. For exclusive rights, please contact me.

Payment options

Payments can be made by bank transfer. Once payment has cleared, delivery of your photo will occur within 24 hours, but usually straight after.

Un-authorised use

All photographs on Scenic Norfolk by Daniel Tink are not permitted to be used on other websites without licence purchase or prior written permission from Daniel Tink. If one or more photographs belonging to Daniel Tink are found on a website, social media website, smartphone application, printed publication, packaging or any other type of material and permission has not be given or licence payment made, then the owner of that website, application, product or publication will be subject to a charge as outlined below for breach of copyright in accordance with the UK Copyright Law and the Design & Patents Act:

£155 per image per use if found used on any webpage.
£155 per image per use if found used on any social media channel.
£155 per image per use if found on any digital PDF or document stored online or offline.
£300 per image per use if found used in a smartphone application.
£500 per image per use if found used in any printed publication, packaging or other material.

External Hyper-Links

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